Thursday, February 11, 2016

Family Visits

Lots of our family were able to come visit us after Rowan was born.  It was great that Kevin and Ed could come to the hospital (pictures in previous post), and Mom and Sarah came a lot, which was so helpful.  The day that Patrick went to work for his first full day was MLK Jr. Day and I was tricksy and realized that Paige and Will would be off of school and would be able to visit us and make it not my first day alone with the kids!  Sarah had come for the 24 hours before Paige and Will came, but they overlapped for a couple of hours.
Aunt Paiger.
Eamon's hair was so long!  We got it cut
in the beginning of February.
Connor and Rowan asleep.
Eamon and Rowan asleep.
Our big out of town visitor was Myers.  He came to visit February 4th  and while he was here, Mom also came and spent the night.  It was great to have him visit!
He held Rowan... a lot :)
She was really into him.
Reading "the biggest book eve Frog and Toad."
Eamon was so sad when Myers left.   He talked about taking him
to the airport for a long, long time.
Eamon took this picture of Sani.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Patrick's coworker's wife is launching her photography business and did Rowan's newborn pictures for free!  She also did some family pictures for us as well.  We we thrilled to get these pictures from Rebekah Rose Photography.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Pictures from my phone about the month of January!  So fun that I took pictures of New Year's Day, not knowing I was going into labor that night and would bring home our precious littler girl a couple days later!
Still pregnant and watching TV.
Cute Eamon and Dada.
Having a baby sister around wiped Connor
out for a few weeks.
His faces <3
This is what I found after putting Eamon
down for his nap one day.  Passed out.
Her cute little face!
Opening her eyes a bit.
This reminds me of Eamon.
At the doctor for her first well check!  She left the hospital weighing
8 lbs 6 oz, and weighed 8 lb 15 oz at her 6 days check up. (needs fact checking)
One week old.
Eamon likes to near her, but not touch.
Blurry kiss.
Looking like Connor.
Going on a walk with Sani and his baby.
Spit up.
Sleeping hard.
Watching Patrick play
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
Eamon has gotten in this bed far more
than Rowan.
Patrick stayed at home the first week after Rowan was born, worked half days on the second, and went full time the third.  The first day of the third week, Paige and Will visited, but that Tuesday, I was all on my own.  I had a REALLY bad attitude and that made it super rough.  I'm glad to say it got better every day.
I'm not thrilled.
Screen time for all!
Cute thing.
We met the Wootens at Chickfila for dinner. Yum!  Rowan wore her cute elf hat.
First ice cream in a cone!
The hat is courtesy of  Gmar and Gdad,
from Romania.
Baby's first snow.
Eamon loves that the mama milk is back.
Rowan really loves her dad and misses
him when he is at work.
Strong girl!
Bright eyes.
Cute folded hands.
At Costco!
Eating out with just the girl and Patrick, thanks to my mom.
Such a good dinner companion.